Build Relationships, Help Others, Increase Profits

We believe that serving others is the most ideal way of reaching goals.  Please let us know how we can add value to help you close your high value services and boost your bottom line.

High Ticket Solutions

Increase sales of your high ticket products and services with no upfront cost to you. We speak directly with warm leads that you send to us. No hard selling. We protect your reputation by having honest sales discussions with interested prospects who want your business.

Build Trust With Webinars

Building trust with your potential clients is crucial, and your opportunities to do so are limited. Let us help arrange webinars that let your prospects get to know you as an honest and authentic expert in your field. Increase sales of your products and create lasting relationships.

Private Equity

AFB Partners provides private equity solutions to help.  These opportunities are typically for high value, lower risk investments and loans that are backed by real estate.  Participation is by personal invitation only and for those who have a relationship with us.

Is Your High Ticket Closing Service Right For Me?

We work with entrepreneurs and businesses to help close high value products and services.

If you have a product or service that requires a little more personal attention to your prospective clients, we can have that conversation with them.

  • Avoid wasting precious time spent with tire kickers and window shoppers
  • Increase revenue with greater conversions
  • Focus more of your time creating the vision for your business, not on daily phone calls
  • Qualify and work with the right clients who genuinely want and need your help

Our Process In Three Easy Steps

Step One

Let us know what your needs are.  We can set up a call and discuss how we can work as partners to convert more of your warm leads. There is no cost or obligation to apply to work with us.

Step Two

You continue to drive traffic to your site with your lead generation process. We set up a schedule of phone conversations with your potential clients.

Step Three

Your soon to be clients schedule calls with us.  We qualify them to make sure they are the right fit for your services.  Honesty and integrity are a priority: we never use high pressure sales tactics.  Your reputation is important and we believe in building relationships.

Stop spinning your wheels trying to figure out what works. Let us recommend to you the proven resources to put you on the fast track to reaching your goals. Avoid spending your time on distractions and focus on what really counts: the activities that directly grow your business by increasing your bottom line. We recommend products and services to meet your needs. We provide assistance with setting up sales conversations to close your high ticket products. We help you plan and execute webinars to build trust with your potential clients.

Please let us know how we can best serve you.

About Us

AFB Partners was formed to identify and serve the needs of today’s entrepreneurs and businesses. Specifically, we provide consulting in the areas of sales and marketing.

We know the unique needs of today’s entrepreneurs because we’re entrepreneurs ourselves. We understand the sacrifice and dedication required to be successful at marketing one’s products and services. We get it. You’re a busy professional. You’re spending long hours and a lot of money trying to start and grow your business. It’s not easy trying to do this and balance your personal and family life.

We provide assistance to entrepreneurs, without upfront costs, so that anyone with the desire and drive to succeed can find the right tools to do so.

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